I hate you too- delayed update

Author: Anjaani / Posted: 19.01.21, 23:05:35

Hi guys, 

I wanted to publish I hate you too yesterday but things and time is not in my favour. I have been mentally and emotionally disturbed so, I'm really sorry to say this, but there would be a delay in its update however, to give you the benefit I will publish all the chapters till the end so that we dont have to wait in anticipation, a small treat for your patience.



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Pooja Sharma 21.01.2021, 23:49:07

Get well soon...Take ur time....U don't need to be stressed out because of the updates...Health comes first...Take care...

Oyemekun Omojisola 21.01.2021, 13:03:18

Sorry anjaani get better soon

Neeraja M 21.01.2021, 09:27:26

Hey I want to share a famous short-story which helped me to deal my hardship period....
Akbar asked Birbal:-
“ Tell me a sentence that: If we read in Happy times we become Sad &
if we read in Sad times, we become Happy”
Birbal replied:- “ This too shall Pass “

Nisha R 21.01.2021, 06:03:30

take care of your self

knipire 21.01.2021, 05:34:32

Hey get well soon .

Jane Kabso Chingwe 20.01.2021, 22:30:56

Take care,and please update sooner

Benhilda Matambo 20.01.2021, 21:25:50

You will be ok dear ...

Yusuf Ketim Ojochogwu Saba 20.01.2021, 19:40:12

May God ease our affairs insha'Allah

Mahaa 20.01.2021, 13:12:46

Whatever you're going through, may Allah make an easy way out of it for you. Ameen.

Mahaa 20.01.2021, 13:12:04

Comment has been deleted

Nitu Sarkar 20.01.2021, 12:38:34

That's fine...and hope you overcome all negativity and come out shining...take care

Neha Garg 20.01.2021, 12:38:24

Thanks dear. Take your time. Take care

ashwini s 20.01.2021, 10:27:14

Take your time dear..take care..

Aindrila Mondal 20.01.2021, 08:58:59

Dnt worry... we all can wait for it. Take care.

Resmi Mukherjee 20.01.2021, 08:40:53

Its okay..take your time.

aarohi Ch 20.01.2021, 08:12:24

Thank you.........update soon

Jasvinder Kaur Ubbhi 20.01.2021, 07:57:50

Thank you dear take care of yourself. ❤️

Sabiha Sultana 20.01.2021, 07:50:49

Thanks for this amazing book

Madhuri 20.01.2021, 07:03:03

Thank you dear and don't worry everything will be alright.

Madhuri 20.01.2021, 07:02:15

Comment has been deleted

mj 20.01.2021, 07:01:39

That's alright take care of yourself

Mantasha Sabir 20.01.2021, 06:59:39

Take a chill pill and take care of yourself ❤️.....Get well soon

elvi elsi 20.01.2021, 06:11:41

No issues, take care.....Get well soon.

Elaine Narainsamy 20.01.2021, 05:48:20

May God have his having hands upon you. Get well soon

Awantika Bhardwaj 20.01.2021, 05:27:15

No worriess author take ur time nd get well soon .....health is more imp ....we can wait for the updates...

Vishalakshi Raju 20.01.2021, 04:56:49

that's okie chill? you have to rest yourself first

Chanderika Sharma 20.01.2021, 04:47:08

It's okay dear take care❤️❤️..
Get well soon ..

Monika Singh 20.01.2021, 04:45:39

Please take care of yourself❤

Chubby Swazi 20.01.2021, 04:22:28


Virginie Mantoni 20.01.2021, 04:06:07

Quick recovery dear

Leon Gage 20.01.2021, 04:05:59

Take care sister..

Virginie Mantoni 20.01.2021, 04:05:45

That will be great. Thanks

Anu 20.01.2021, 03:52:45

Take care and get well soon.. Love and happiness :)

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 20.01.2021, 03:28:40

I hope that you feel better soon can’t wait to find out what happens love Asmiria and Amaan hope they have a HEA ending with there children and hope another comes to. But most importantly is your health I hate you are going through any thing that is mentally and emotionally upsetting you. I lost my brother December 29,2020 so I have been the same way recently. So if it has anything to do with something like that I’m so sorry and I will keep you in my thoughts snd prayers. You are an amazing person and author. Please take care of yourself I want to read many more books from you in the future.!!!!!!

Jolht Letchmy R Anthony 20.01.2021, 02:26:24

Take your time dear. Relax, if can go out to a park and garden try to spend a time for you.

Juliet Relacion 20.01.2021, 02:07:10

Take your time we can wait. Have a good rest and get well soon.

Yojana Shrestha 20.01.2021, 01:18:58

Get well soon di ???

bharat jio 20.01.2021, 00:49:10

Your well being is all that matters..
So be safe and healthy..!
May God bless you with health and content..!
Wishing you all the health and peace of mind! Take care dear..! Peace and love ❤️

Mamsco Mamsco 20.01.2021, 00:42:22

Take care. May you be ok soon.

Red Delin 20.01.2021, 00:07:48

I hope everything will be okay so soon. Praying for your peace of mind and happiness.

Yamini Joshi 19.01.2021, 23:31:36

Nothing is more important than healing oneself so get healthy n good spirits.

Maryum Butt 19.01.2021, 23:21:01

Take good care ......
When you feel good thn update we will wait.
Love and peace to you too

Arwa 19.01.2021, 23:11:12

I'm sorry to hear that :( take all the time you need!! We will be here waiting ❤️
Thank you ❤️

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