Dear readers

Author: Burning Heart / Posted: 20.01.21, 12:15:16

I am overwhelmed to receive your love for my stories.. Also I know many of you are waiting for shades of grey part 2 ..

Due to some editing problem, I'm not able to write it now but for you I have brought 'Trapped' on shelves.. 

I hope you will enjoy my other stories as well.. 

Like I said I will continue with S-O-G part 2 soon!!.

Till then enjoy :)


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Syeda Noorah 21.01.2021, 18:25:51

No problem...we will waittt

Burning soul 20.01.2021, 12:17:48

No problem author!! We are loving your books!!!

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Burning soul 20.01.2021, 18:46:04

Beauty Angel, Yeah!!

Katerina Velanis 20.01.2021, 12:41:48

Thank you for the update. I have it in my library to read and capture updates. Eagerly awaiting SOG2! :)

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