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I hope all of you are doing fine.

Contract Marriage 2 and Needs are on discount today on 22nd January.

The price will be 2.09 USD for 24 hours.


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Crazy 23.01.2021, 21:23:54

Bought the book a while ago ! Loved it. No regrets ❤

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Taylin Jolie 01.02.2021, 18:23:31

Crazy, So true. Contract Marriage 2 was worth the pay. It's sad that the story ended but it ended happily. The following Contract Marriage was free but it was totally worth the time.

Chhimi Pelki 23.01.2021, 18:57:22

Hi author..
I can'tbuy from my there any other way?

Carmen Choque 22.01.2021, 23:20:03

Cruel amor

Loveth Osarenmwinda 22.01.2021, 19:18:21

When are we going to be able to read it for free

Cecile Aragon 22.01.2021, 19:11:07

I do not have any card... i am hoping that you can let us read it free??

Jas Mine 22.01.2021, 14:18:36

Pls when will it be free

SaPphire Cullens 22.01.2021, 13:44:26

Comment has been deleted

Ella Emmons 22.01.2021, 10:22:16

Unable to make the purchase

Lilibeth Madio Siblawan 22.01.2021, 08:24:53

hope can also pay using ALIPAY.. I do want to read this book but cant buy.

farha farook 22.01.2021, 06:42:42

I also can't able to buy this book. I am very eager to read the rest chapter.the book is still in my library. But.... can't able to buy it..

Charitha Cherry 22.01.2021, 03:43:15

I am not able to purchase this book....!!
I have contacted the support no response...?
I and eagerly waiting to read the rest chapters...what to do?

Iffat Fatima 22.01.2021, 03:16:55

When will it be 50% discounted

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