The Alpha King Samael

Author: sam reigns / Posted: 26.02.21, 15:54:21

This is a new free novel with lots of action , betrayal, romance, revenge, you name it. I'm a writer, I hope you indulge yourself in the novel , comment, like , vote and dont also forget to follow, I'll reverse the courtesy you show me.


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Safy 02.03.2021, 00:04:07

Hi, am new here and I will love to be friends with you, please follow me I will kindly follow back also it will mean a lot to me if you like and comment on my book "The silent killer'.

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Safy 05.03.2021, 00:33:58

sam reigns, Thanks

June Estee 01.03.2021, 20:14:44

Please follow me and like all my books, I promise to do the same for you

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sam reigns 03.03.2021, 12:09:46

June Estee, sure

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