"Paid To Fall In Love" Final Chapter

Author: Growingvogue / Posted: 30.07.21, 03:16:06

Hello everyone! 

I thought I would be able to sum this all up in one chapter but it might take two! Ive finished the first part of the final chapter and Im working on the second because if I left it at One chapter it would be vey long and will take a couple more days. So do you want the forst part of the chpater realsed today and the next part in a couple of days? Or do you want it all released at once ( which will make you having to wait longer)? Let me know!!!!!!! Please leave it in the comment section!


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Jennifer Zeigler
30.07.2021, 23:56:14

Release it soon please. Thank you ❤️

Jennifer Zeigler
31.07.2021, 15:59:47

Growingvogue, Thank you!❤️

Rachael Nweke
31.07.2021, 11:09:49

Thank for the book, it is amazing. But I didn't see the update.

Sebabatso Matebesi
30.07.2021, 12:52:13

First part of the chapter today please ?

Ogechi Austine
30.07.2021, 09:19:53

Release the 1st pls. Can't wait

Marianah Danz
30.07.2021, 08:58:32

Wow am ecstatic about it already and nervous as well. I hope Tristan doesn't reject Celestine for good.

Azhagi Seetul
30.07.2021, 07:27:21

Hello Author, release the first part please. Eagerly awaiting to know what Tristan is planning and the reaction of Celestine. Can't wait to see them together.

Erica M
30.07.2021, 04:51:08

Release first part

30.07.2021, 03:28:19

Can't wait

Tabitha Mutashi
30.07.2021, 03:24:56

Please release the first part

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