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Author: Pooja Roy Bagchi / Posted: 03.12.21, 16:10:11

Hey sweeties!! how are you guys doing ?? hope you are good. I know my updates are late and it has gotten even more late these days and I really wanna tell you the reasons why. 

As most of you guyz know or may be not, that I've a 2yr old toddler and the entire family load on me. Earlier I had a maid who made my life easy and gave me time to write but few weeks ago she left the job cause of her own personal reasons and this has unleashed the extreme work load upon me leaving almost no time for writing further but TRUST ME ON THIS WHEN I SAY I'M REALLY WORKING HARD ON IT, SOMEHOW TRYING TO SQUEEZE LITTLE TIME TO WRITE. And my updates may gonna be late but I'll keep up my writing and updating even I have a drop like time for it as it the only thing which is keeping me going. So please, please,  please understand my problems and my reasons for late updates and PLEASE DON'T LEAVE MY STORY. Hope you can understand my issue. Regards,  Pooja Roy Bagchi.

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Tania Islam
05.12.2021, 02:20:01

No Problem dear. Your life comes first. And love you. We are always with you.

Pooja Roy Bagchi
05.12.2021, 03:24:22

Tania Islam, Thank you so much Tania, for understanding my state. Love you back. Muah!!

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