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Author: Alex admin / Posted: 19.09.22, 18:09:12

Dear authors,

Booknet is constantly working on increasing the number of views and readers on the platform. Our promotional team invests not only time and effort but also money into the advertising of the free and paid stories of all the authors, commercial ones, and those who publish their works for free.

However, we have noticed that there are some authors that instead of promoting their Booknet profiles and books in them, try to redirect our audience to third sites, like their social media, or other publishing platforms, which goes against our guidelines.

For this reason, our moderators will remove any links to third sites from blogs and also block books that lead to any other publishing platforms.

The only exception we make is when an author arranges a giveaway on their social media and leaves a direct link to the giveaway post. You can check how to announce and conduct raffles in this blog, by the way. If you want your readers to reach you out on social media, you can add the link to your accounts in the About me tab on your Booknet page but you can't mention your Instagram or Facebook, or any other social media IDs on the blogs. 

Why is it unnecessary to redirect your readers to your social media profiles?

Booknet gives every author an option to communicate with their audience through blog posts. Here you can add images of your main characters, share book trailers, sneak peeks or make announcements about updates or your future projects. As soon as you publish a blog, your followers will get a notification about it. Your Booknet followers are your readers who are interested in your books, while your followers on social media can consist of random people.

Besides, social media is a great way to promote your books and grab new readers, while it shouldn't be used in reverse order. Join different book recommendation groups, share the links to your books in them and bring more audience to your stories. All the traffic you bring is organic and works way better than any paid promotion does!

And finally, Booknet is not a promotional platform for your social media or third sites where you post your books. Therefore, any blog, a sample of a book with a link to third platforms, or mentions of third sites will be deleted by the moderators while the profiles of the infractors might be permanently blocked. 

Thanks for your understanding!