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Playboy's Wife

So it's been total a week of Playboy's Wife end and I hope all of the readers enjoyed the book . I have already thanked my those readers who had subscribed my book in the start and I am really thankful of guys that you gave my story a chanc and trusted in me. Today i was thinking about Playboy's Wife and then Ivan's one sentence crossed my mind, I don't know if you laughed while reading that sentence or not but I had laughed out loud while writing that sentence and that is- 

" Okay, I am disgusting. So what? I am a man whose testosterone always reaches a peak whenever I see my wife. Come on, I am a man who has needs and a gorgeous sexy wife with whom u can do whatever then he'll I want. So who are you to judge me ? You should be ashamed of yourself that you think and  imagine my sexual life with my wife.

Horny people " 

Lol. He didn't leave anyone from his sarcasm. He even took the doctor best who was treating Ember.

What do you think about him and his savageness, his character?

I have uploaded his family's aesthetic on my insta profile, you can check that out and do comments that how was the journey?


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shubhangi Shirbhate
03.02.2023, 05:49:15

Comment has been deleted

Tanisha Gangwar
20.12.2022, 19:06:01

What's your Instagram handle? Please tell me

Tanisha Gangwar
22.12.2022, 15:04:10

Raeesa Emery, Thanks ??

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