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Cruel Obsession Updated.

Next chapter is up.


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Hello everyone. I will make an update on booknet on 28th March of 'Obsession' and from then onwards I will try updating atleast once in a week. Have been caught up with life and stuff so my updates were dwindling. Thanks See ya
Ch-66 update date!!
Namaste and Hello dear readers Some of you were asking when I am going to update the next chapter so the next chapter would either be updated today or tomorrow and from now on there will regular updates!! Regards
Hello, my dear lovely readers, I would like to ask you all that after 'Innocent Heart' which story should I update regularly because I can give regular updates only on one story so, please vote for this which story should I continue after Innocent Heart which will have more votes, I will update the same story after Innocent Heart because Innocent heart is going to end very soon. 1 Lack of
The 21 Days Sex Challenge
Chapter 21~ "Open Your Mouth." of the 21 Days Sex Challenge has been updated!
The Villian Returns on 20% off
Our favorite book "The villain returns" is on a 20 percent discount today. Go grab your copy now.
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