A Romantic Holiday Short - Just for Fun

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 15.12.18, 20:13:20

I thought I would start you all off with a Holiday Story. Sarah's Secret Santa. This is a stand alone, short story I will not be expanding. Just a little something fun to bring some holiday cheer. I hope you all enjoy. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

- Ruechari


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Nina Ainsworth 16.12.2018, 18:56:22

nice story,I've enjoyed it

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Ruechari 17.12.2018, 19:04:19

Nina Ainsworth
, In the mean time I have a Regency Romance Novella - Love's Counterpart. Complete- I have a chapter up loaded and ready to post each day from now until New Year's Eve. When I'll post You and No Other - A New Year's Short Love Story. So happy reading ; )

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