Be Brave! Dream Big!

Author: Ruechari / Posted: 16.12.18, 22:53:40

I became a writer because this process takes me very much out of my comfort zone as I prefer to be more of a behind the scenes type. I use to say introvert or wall flower but that really didn’t describe me very well so I invented a new word...

Introprotagonist – /ˈintrō-prōˈtaɡənəst,prəˈtaɡənəst/ noun.

Being the main character of your own story, an advocate for all good things but doing so behind the scenes, quietly and effortlessly.


That’s me.

Introvert or wallflower gives the impression I don’t wish to participate in my own life or the life of others and that’s just not true. I’m an extremely helpful person... in fact I can’t help, helping. But now I’ve decided to help myself.

I have a dream of not only being a published author but a successful one which requires my presence and input. So, I’m trying to be brave and dream big. So, far I have self published a children's book, Best Bud's b & d, now available for Kindle and paperback. All formats are now available on I received my first copy it turned out great. But I'm already looking to revise it to make it better, and am 1/2 way through the artwork to make the next story, Minding p & q. I hope to turn it into a children's series.

It’s a really great feeling seeing your son walk around the house holding your book saying “Best Buds b and d by Charity Rue. That’s my Mom. Dad will you read this to me? Mom wrote this book for me.” 

I did write it for him and published it so every kid who has a hard time with reversing these two letters can have a fun way of learning the difference. I also plan on making a audio book of this story once I can set myself up with the right equipment.

So remember... it may not feel comfortable going through the change required to make a dream come true but it’s worth pursuing. So be BRAVE and DREAM big!!!!

Best Buds b & d


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