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Author: Astronomicon / Posted: 08.04.19, 15:28:17

I mostly publish my work on Wattpad but I've been trying out Litnet for a while now because it appears to be an exciting new project with a lot of potential. I realise that Litnet is going to take a while to get to anything like the levels of daily activity we see on Wattpad, but I was hoping to get a little more feedback that I have been getting (which is almost nothing at all).

The main reason I post some of my novels for free is to get a measure of what readers think, find out any problems with plot/characters/accuracy/pacing/clarity etc., and generally get some feedback on what readers like and don't like. That feedback is critical to developing a novel and sculpting it into something truly worth reading.

There's not much incentive to continue posting here on Litnet if no-one comments on what I post. So, how do I encourage my readers here to give me a little feedback on my writing?


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AnnaRCase guru 10.04.2019, 04:34:29

I don't read a lot of the scify genre, but I am willing to give it a try and comment if you are up for it :)

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Astronomicon 11.04.2019, 00:20:03

AnnaRCase, Deadline is probably ideal for people who don't (or don't often) read scifi. It's pretty light and is as much aimed at the humour audience as the scifi one.

AnnaRCase guru 10.04.2019, 04:28:39

You may have just solved some of the problem if readers know that you actually want authentic, in-depth comments with constructive feedback.

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Astronomicon 11.04.2019, 00:17:13

AnnaRCase, I didn't think about it like that. You could be right. We shall see! :)

Pinky700027 09.04.2019, 06:54:22

Hey. I too as a writer publish my work on a Wattpad deligiously and completely agree with you that responses are much faster on Wattpad compared to that of Litnet. However,being new to Litnet don't know how this works.
If you could let me know it would help me a lot.

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Pinky700027 10.04.2019, 03:49:06

Astronomicon, Sure. Thanks

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