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12 More Strange Stories

Michael Hill

Story about:12 fictional short stories

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Complete 108 pages

Publication: 04.08.2019 — 04.08.2019

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Description of book "12 More Strange Stories"

A second varied collection of short stories, all original, which can each be read in not many minutes:

A For Atomic Man
Alien Contact
Carmody and the House in Many Places
King of the Cockroaches
Peter Drummond versus the USA
Stone Dead
The Battle of the Phantoms
The Boyles at Christmas
The Tin Man
The Wizard’s Apprentice
Three Wishes

Free in most places but paid for at Amazon like my first 12 Strange Stories book.


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Ryo Francis
18.09.2019, 07:48:14

Battle of the Phantoms - I enjoyed that the most. Cool ideas and great storytelling. Thanks for the good read :)

Clayton Terrel
04.08.2019, 19:19:36

hope it´ll be enjoyable

Michael Hill
23.08.2019, 06:53:52

Clayton Terrel, Glad you liked it. The stories are "bare bones" and maybe could have been expanded into full stories but my six full length stories on Amazon are selling like lead balloons so no more of those for the present.

Troy Charlton
05.08.2019, 04:22:26

I've started with Alien Contact and it is a cool story, I've enjoyed it

Michael Hill
23.08.2019, 06:50:19

Ted Charlton, Thanks for commenting. Authors like to know what others think of their work.

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