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A Chaotic Flower

Angela Lynn Carver

Story about:romance, mysterious, erotic

Age restriction: 18+

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#121 in Romantic erotica
#109 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 128 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — 30.08.2020

Description of book "A Chaotic Flower"

Liam is a 23-year-old college student who accepted a job offer as the live-in assistant of a rich older gentleman, Mr. William Laverne.

But on his first day of the job, it was revealed that he won't be taking care of the sweet-natured, mild-mannered old Mr. Laverne after all. Instead, he was tasked to help his spoiled, lazy, and sometimes cruel granddaughter to become a proper young lady so she can one day take over the Laverne industry.

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Rachael Otieno 26.09.2020, 18:43:38

nice author

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Rachael Otieno 26.10.2020, 08:59:00

Miracle Destiny, hae author

Shreya Singh 02.10.2020, 13:36:04

This story was just amazing really lovely❤ whereas i was hoping the end will be kinda normal stories like aftr marriage happily or after having kid its happily ever after but the ending of this story was epic:) :) really and liam was such a sweetheart ❤
well done author lots of love to u

Анна 01.10.2020, 07:54:58

thank you for this story

Musa Kampamba 28.09.2020, 12:04:13

Its a good story and amazing love the ending

Hanna-Michelle Mendoza 27.09.2020, 07:46:22

Love the twist of the story... at least a happy ending which is so uplifting in this times... thumbs up author??????

Nisarga Ramesh 11.09.2020, 18:27:34

love this book ♥️♥️

Angel grace 05.09.2020, 17:27:37

Nice book dear

racheal 03.09.2020, 00:15:37

Damn I love the book...kept me awake at night just to complete it

Samar Sam 02.09.2020, 02:48:56

enjoyed alottt

samantha chehovits 31.08.2020, 20:44:52

I think you might be missing a chapter. Chapter 4 is repeat of chapter 3.

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Angela Lynn Carver 31.08.2020, 21:33:06

samantha chehovits, Oh crap I'll have to fix it

Pooja Singh 30.08.2020, 21:52:24

Nicc story

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