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Book. "A Court of Mischief" read online

A Court of Mischief

Allyssa Mae Zulueta

Story about:witch, witches and magic, romance

8 84

#694 in Paranormal Romance
#872 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 21 Jan 5 pages

Publication: 17.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "A Court of Mischief"

South of the great forest located in Oregon, lies a secret. Rumor has it that the southern part of the forest is inhabited by none other than witches. Not the kind that lures kids and eats them. They use spells that are deeply connected to their magic. The most powerful among the witches is their Queen.
Queen Astraea of the blood magic. Free manipulation of blood.
She has a daughter, Princess Eira of the thread magic. She can create and freely manipulate thread, and can somehow manipulate fate itself.

But all Eira wanted was a normal life living in town. And so, her adventures and mischiefs are what lead her to rebel against her mother and leave the safety of their forest to live in the nearest town. Little did she know that her life will be turned upside down by a single man.


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