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Book. "A Deal with the Billionaire" read online

A Deal with the Billionaire

Hasna Hena

Story about:arrogant, fake love, accidental pregnancy

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#10 in Billionaires
#23 in Romance

Ongoing: 28 Jan 41 pages

Publication: 10.01.2023 — ...

Description of book "A Deal with the Billionaire"

"It's just for a few hours. Please, help me out." Lilian said. Her voice pleading, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears but she didn't break down in front of a random stranger.

"Why would I?" Shane said coldly. Helping a stranger wasn't one of his virtues.

"I will pay the price." Lilian said desperately. "Please, do me the favour."

Shane stared at the girl standing in front of him. She really didn't seem to know him otherwise she wouldn't have mentioned paying him. And looking at her, what possibly could she pay him!

As if reading his mind, Lilian spoke up, "I will do whatever you ask me to do after this."

Shane gave her an impassive expression before he asked, "Do I have your words on this?"

"It's a deal." Lilian said not thinking much about what she was binding herself to...


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31.01.2023, 04:54:47


Chukwunwekene Obi
30.01.2023, 07:48:13

The cliffhangers are really hanging me, can someone kindly get me back to the sweet ground before its to late and my brain swells and explodes from suspense?

Jabeen Ahmed
29.01.2023, 20:02:21

i like the the female lead she is strong and i hope she remains as through out the story. for author you are really doing good work hope to update soon.

Eram Khan
28.01.2023, 16:51:06

I love Lillian's character.. she is strong courageous and having self respect.... most importantly doesn't like to tail behind ML.... amazing update like always dear author

Loveth Agbake
26.01.2023, 23:07:51

love your story author pls update more

Hasna Hena
28.01.2023, 04:27:09

Loveth Agbake, Glad to know. Glad to know you are enjoying.
Updated by the way. Do share your thoughts.

Chukwunwekene Obi
26.01.2023, 20:12:56

please complete

Hasna Hena
28.01.2023, 04:26:14

Chukwunwekene Obi, I will. Hope you will support till the end..

Eram Khan
26.01.2023, 20:25:19

love the story... please update soon author

Hasna Hena
28.01.2023, 04:25:41

Eram Khan, Glad to know you are enjoying and updated by the way. Do share your thoughts.

26.01.2023, 07:43:42

thanks for the update dear.... this is my first time reading ur book.... hope to see longer updates;)

Hasna Hena
28.01.2023, 04:24:57

waliya, Well, it’s a longer update. Hope to see your thoughts.

Ruth Dionisio
25.01.2023, 05:43:05

yes, i believe i had started with your other books before but has not follow it through. I am revisiting your books again, but of course I can only support you on the free ones...thanks for that

Ruth Dionisio
24.01.2023, 14:31:32

like the story. thank you...please keep the updates coming

Hasna Hena
24.01.2023, 14:27:35

Ruth Dionisio, Sure. Hope you will enjoy the story till the end.

Maz Ahmed
22.01.2023, 14:09:04

so, author, have u decided to finish this book. I'm sure I read it before and was upset when it was on hold.

I'm happy to read it again.

Maz Ahmed
22.01.2023, 15:46:15

Hasna Hena, yes I will. it was a good start, that's y I remembered I have read it before.

Snehal Chougale
18.01.2023, 11:00:07

is this book free Or on subscription

16.01.2023, 22:27:09

hey just read your's good plzz update soon

17.01.2023, 17:05:44

Hasna Hena, sure i will

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
15.01.2023, 10:30:15

added already interesting story...

Hasna Hena
17.01.2023, 02:11:11

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor, Glad to know. Hope you will like her till the end...

15.01.2023, 09:00:06

Lilian is such a sweet and pure hearted girl... I am loving her character so far

Hasna Hena
17.01.2023, 02:10:57

GS R, Glad to know. Hope you will like her till the end...

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