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Book. "A Fire in Protection" read online

A Fire in Protection

Angel Faye

Series: Protectors

Story about:a brave firefighter, from friends to lovers

Age restriction: 18+

14 569

#2765 in Romance
#509 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 67 pages

Publication: 23.07.2022 — 24.07.2022

Description of book "A Fire in Protection"

The life of a firefighter was never easy, and so was the life of a police officer, more likely a policewoman.
Captain Alex Daniels is your typical leader in Engine 226, based in Downtown Brooklyn in New York. He's been a firefighter for the past 15 years and has saved many people. With his heart, he can't seem to say the right words to the one person he has known all his life, the only person who always protected and been there for her, but one time he couldn't help her and still regret till these days: his sister's best friend, Isabelle Moyer.
Isabelle Moyer has been a police officer for the past ten years, and she loves her job, even if her co-workers don't respect her. But, unfortunately, someone that she thought could be her new friend has hurt her in the past because she's dating her


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