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A Forbidden Love --- {book 1}


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Description of book "A Forbidden Love --- {book 1}"

Delphina Cromwell is the daughter of Merrick Cromwell who is the head chef in the small town of Crossroad Falls, Maine. Delphina Cromwell grew up being told the 'Rowens' family is bad, enact violence every day and she was warned not to even talk to any of the family members. The family feud came from her father and the other Rowen member during a chef competition.

Theo Rowen grew up hearing stories about a family not so far away but believed every word, thinking and speaking about the Cromwells' will malice and hate. That is until he bumps into Delphina on the beach. Both realize who they really are to one another and who each familiys are and try everything they can to stay away from one another.

They end up falling for each other but they forget; The family feud still exists...


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25.05.2022, 02:31:50

Author ur book are amazing how many times I'll compliment it won't be enough!!! and I want to ask uh one thing that do uh wanna be like my friend!? and btw am gurl and am using my brother email I'd lol! so yeah I am on Snapchat cause I deactivated my insta for some time yeah if uh want uh can tell me ur id on Snapchat or send me request on this one is my I'd!!! hope uh reply and take care of urself ...I am seriously attached with uh now lol!

25.05.2022, 18:35:36

UndiscoveredWriter, oh it's fyn author but if uh do use it in future pls let me know!!!

07.05.2022, 18:21:32

Author your books are just amazing , literally I am reading all ur 15 books!!!! I was waiting for the update but it's fyn if it's late ofc u have ur life too so u r busy anddd seriously thank uh for keeping this book free , and ur real readers will not be upset if uh update late or cause of some reasons as we love uh and know that uh are busy with ur own life too so uh don't have to worry !!!!! we love uh and we areee with uhhh for now and for all books who will write in future....! Ik uh also want to earn money that's why uh can obviously put this book on subscription but stillll it's just a request if uh can keep it free till the end ,lots of love and we are gonna support uh always no matter what cause ur work is just so amazing!! and pls just clr if it will be free till the end

08.05.2022, 07:22:33

UndiscoveredWriter, Thanks author!!!

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