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NM Rudman

Series: Zombie series

Story about:survival, romance, zombie apocalypse

Age restriction: 18+

7 54

#115 in Horror
#3831 in Romance

Complete 35 pages

Publication: 25.03.2021 — 14.11.2021

Description of book "Badass"

It was just a normal day, get up, have coffee, get back to the pyramid and carry on working from where we left off the day before, you know, normal. But after a ancient gas is released in a newly found chamber and people start getting sick, we are required to return home but while we are in mandatory quarantine people start dying.

The problem? They don't stay dead

Now we have to try stop the dead from leaving the compound, little did we know that we were too late


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12.05.2021, 20:46:14

Okkkkay so this story is very interesting and I find any horror book good, but I have a few feedback's .. if that's okay :)

I think this book will sound so much better if you work on your show, instead of telling everyone your story, show your story, it's interesting your idea that you have captured here and of course, your characters does sound interesting :)

but of course, this is the start, I do like this book and of course, horror are my fav subject :D haha

but I'll read further :) :)

13.05.2021, 18:03:02

NM Rudman, its a pleasure haha anytime :-):-) I will let you know any feedback ;) :^) (^^)

12.05.2021, 20:41:14

I didn't see this was book one haha sorrrry :x :)

29.03.2021, 15:22:45

Oooo, so far, the book is interesting! Good job, author!

NM Rudman
30.03.2021, 17:36:10

Strale, Haha thanks :) keep reading and soon I'll add book 2 ;)

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