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Cephyr (mxm)


Story about:gay romance, bxb, manxman

Age restriction: 18+

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#10 in LGBT
#155 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 03 Aug 46 pages

Publication: 25.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Cephyr (mxm)"

Cephyr has been in a two months long distance relationship. The man he calls his online boyfriend is about to visit for two weeks. Cephyr is of course nervous but ready to host the man with all he could provide. He is doubtful of the relationship as Leon seems too good-a god- for him but he brushes past his fear. However, Leon the long-distance boyfriend notes something and he can’t help but confirm it from Cephyr. The confirmed truth is attached to a whole story that Cephyr isn’t ready to handle. A past he had healed from. This brings about the very possibility that their relationship might have to come to an end. Will their relationship stand or will it break? Will Cephyr go back to being his past self or will he get over the memories triggered by Leon. Will Cephyr trust Leon?

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06.08.2022, 15:37:05

Team L all the way

06.08.2022, 17:04:39

LSantana, Haha...Me too! Let's wait and see what Cephyr does.

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