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Cosmology, Philosophy And Physics : Alexis Karpouzos

alexis karpouzos

Story about:cosmology and quantum physics, consciousness and time

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Description of book "Cosmology, Philosophy And Physics : Alexis Karpouzos"

The indeterminacy of the quantum universe constituted a radical transformation of the thought about the natural world. Before the formulation of the quantum theory, the physicists believed in a universe that worked with the principle of causality. Laplace, at the “Philosophical Essay on Probabilities” summed up his thesis: “we owe to consider the present situation of the universe as the result of its former situation and as a cause of the one which will follow. If only could we imagine a genius that would understand all the forces of nature and the relative state of affairs that constitute it, then for that genius nothing would be uncertain. The future, as well as the past, would be present in our eyes.”


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