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Book. "Cursed With A Rogue Mate" read online

Cursed With A Rogue Mate

Geeta Kagra

Story about:werewolf, rogue, cursed male lead

Age restriction: 18+

30 251

#120 in Supernaturals
#94 in Fanfiction

On Hold: 20 Aug 21 pages

Publication: 31.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Cursed With A Rogue Mate"

"Why are you punishing me like this, Goddess? Did you forget to give me a mate? I have been waiting for my mate for years, and still, no one came who could take the place of mine, Luna." Hunter asked painfully the Goddess after seeing the condition of his kingdom, which would be ruined if Luna didn't take her place as soon as possible.

"I want her now, Goddess. I would choose my mate if you forgot, but I will get a mate before the full moon." Hunter vowed and left to run in the woods.

He was running for hours, but the anger was not calming down. He knew his mate could solve all the problems but didn't know where she was?

He was about to go and pounce on an animal in front of him, but before he ran, his nostrils filled with the smell of Jasmine, and he heard his wolf saying, "Mate."


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Confidence Alison Atuche
06.08.2022, 21:53:56

Can’t see the new update

Geeta Kagra
06.08.2022, 22:10:10

Geeta Kagra,

Check out this.

Madukaife Chidiogo
05.08.2022, 14:53:20

interesting please update soon thanks

Geeta Kagra
05.08.2022, 23:27:02

Madukaife Chidiogo, Thank you. Hopefully, I will start the regular update soon.

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