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Dejected (short story)


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romance, teenage love, friendship


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Publication: 15.05.2020 — 09.06.2020

Description of book "Dejected (short story)"

Avery Jones is your average 17 year old, teenage girl who falls for the first time in her life despite being warned by her best friend, for her cousin, Baron Williams at first sight. He loved her just like she loved him. She thought they were destined to be togther but guess the things didn't happen to turn out the way they wanted them to be!
Join the emotional roller-coaster ride of Avery as she discovers her feelings and deals with the depression after getting broken into millions of pieces by him!
Will they end up together? Read to find out!

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b7c350a42f9f3e34 26.06.2020, 03:31:17

OK. Even though I haven't read the story yet, I gotta give you credit for the cover

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Christina 26.06.2020, 12:31:42

b7c350a42f9f3e34, Well, Thankyou. ❤ I hope you'll like the story, too.

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