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Book. "Depth Of Hatred" read online

Depth Of Hatred

Ria Summer

Story about:billionaire romace, betrayal friendship and romance

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Ongoing: 24 Jan 118 pages

Publication: 01.12.2022 — ...

Description of book "Depth Of Hatred"

He is a billionaire who was wrongfully accused of sexual assault. A scandalous accusation that brought shame to him and to his wealthy clan. As a result, his grandfather forced him to marry the woman he allegedly violated in order to save their family's reputation.

The truth is, he wasn't a rapist. It was only a painful coincidence that his wife's adoptive family was greedy for money, so he was wrongfully accused by her adoptive mother. His wife's adoptive family wants to obtain money from his wealthy grandfather.

As revenge for his wife's manipulative adoptive family, he promised to make her suffer for as long as they lived under the same roof.

Will he be able to forgive them and learn to love her in the end, or will she remain as his unwanted wife?


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Sharon Constantine
25.01.2023, 17:57:09

adjin's behaviour is disgusting. he's forcing her to have sex with him. friendship should be over. Melissa shouldn't be this gullible. when would be her breaking point?

Ria Summer
25.01.2023, 16:30:42

Sharon Constantine, Hello, thank you for reading!

21.01.2023, 21:56:41

I read it in one breath after you granted the chance to read it! waiting for next update dear!

Ria Summer
21.01.2023, 22:05:59

Heartfixer, thanks! I will update soon.

21.01.2023, 00:32:40

I can believe what I just read now! this was so intense and captivated! good job author!

Ria Summer
20.01.2023, 23:26:15

Heartfixer, thank you so much for reading

Crazy for books
13.01.2023, 14:43:53

I love this book very much i love ajdin and melisa's bond how they became friends even though there is a high status gap.melisa adoptive parents greed made them to seperate their ways. I want to what will be the result of his hatred?

Ria Summer
16.01.2023, 08:59:16

Crazy for books, Hi, thank you. I sent a message on your IG.

Aashi Dhaniya
11.01.2023, 14:31:25

sounds steamy :3

Sunana Ahmad
27.12.2022, 14:14:58

well let dig in...

Ria Summer
27.12.2022, 13:35:38

Sunana Ahmad, thank you for reading.

Zukey Cruz
22.12.2022, 02:10:31

veru interesting thank you for sharing. I cant wait for her dad to rescue her.

Ria Summer
22.12.2022, 03:26:28

Zukey Cruz, Thank you for reading.

mirab gul
21.12.2022, 18:09:11

nice story line ... i would love to read it :)

Ria Summer
21.12.2022, 16:15:50

mirab gul, thank you

20.12.2022, 11:24:29

hey, the plotline seems interesting. I'll give it a try. thanks for inviting me

Ria Summer
20.12.2022, 12:10:06

Reshma, thank you so much!

Mitchell Decote
18.12.2022, 04:31:37

The plot is interesting, but the writing is more like a movie script than a story book, at least in my opinion. Difficult to imagine the story properly.

Ria Summer
18.12.2022, 20:25:23

Mitchell Decote, Thank you for reading. Please watch the book trailer, maybe it will help you to imagine the story.

Ronda Workman Wellman
13.12.2022, 04:03:10

Will there be cheating/adultery? I would love to read if there isn’t. Can anyone let me know.

Ria Summer
13.12.2022, 18:37:13

Ronda Workman Wellman, you're welcome

Bumbum Adeola
13.12.2022, 14:43:30

Beautiful storyline but something is missing...steaming lovemaking scenes to add spice to the novel. Please in your subsequent updates tell us how he takes her in bed their thoughts and everything. Let your readers feel what the characters feel. Weldone and goodluck dear.

Ria Summer
13.12.2022, 12:47:25

Bumbum Adeola, Thank you for reading and suggestions.

mmasinachi MMADUNEME
13.12.2022, 12:16:15

nice one

Ria Summer
13.12.2022, 12:15:53

mmasinachi MMADUNEME, thank you!

Hanna Suzy
11.12.2022, 10:28:59

did not expected that?

Ria Summer
11.12.2022, 08:32:31

Hanna Suzy, Hi, thank you for reading.

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
10.12.2022, 16:14:27

oh poor melissa i pity her....thank you author....

Ria Summer
10.12.2022, 22:53:51

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor, you're welcome, thank you for reading!

Bumbum Adeola
09.12.2022, 15:01:35

I am so sorry for Melissa.

Ria Summer
09.12.2022, 13:22:50

Bumbum Adeola, hi, thank you for reading

Hanna Suzy
07.12.2022, 10:02:16

what happens to mellisa now

Hanna Suzy
07.12.2022, 18:17:09

REVENGE, I will be waiting author : )

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
07.12.2022, 18:48:42

Faster update than I expected. Thanks for the story so far.

Ria Summer
07.12.2022, 16:59:08

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin, you're welcome and thank you for reading

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
07.12.2022, 05:41:10

nice one i liked it.....

Ria Summer
07.12.2022, 13:59:14

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor, Thank you!

Saadatu Bala
03.12.2022, 13:35:20


Ria Summer
03.12.2022, 13:26:58

Saadatu Bala, thank you

Muskan Prakash
02.12.2022, 06:11:43

Intriguing plot. All the best

Ria Summer
02.12.2022, 07:38:57

Muskan Prakash, Thanks!

Mahnoor Jamroz
01.12.2022, 23:18:48

seems interesting... keep going author

Ria Summer
01.12.2022, 22:01:55

Mahnoor Jamroz, thank you!

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