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Do Flares Fall?


Story about:powers, dystopian, warrior queen

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Description of book "Do Flares Fall? "

For 251 years the Flares have been ruling Evercrest. With the most sacred powers of controlling Flames, no one ever dared to oppose them. But where there is a ruler, there is the one hungry for power.

The Unscathed can think about only one group who would dare attack the Flares. The ones who have nothing to lose, the Wanderers.

The day the Falre twins are going to be crowned seems to be the perfect timing to stike. Little did anyone know the Flares always find a way to survive. But sometimes that may include infiltrating an enemy camp and having to hide their powers and intentions. If only someone wasn't making choices to destroy their efforts.

Now all Ashton and Arieon Flare have to do is escape the attackers, claim the throne and end all threats to their rule.

Simple right?

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