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Dog Bites

Sara . H

Story about:mystery action romance

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#8183 in Romance
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Complete 102 pages

Publication: 13.07.2019 — 28.03.2021

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Description of book "Dog Bites"

Rita lives in a poor neighborhood with her mother and brother, once they were walking near the recently repaired Villa, and for some reasons the dogs were unchained. Trying to save her little family, she sent them first and stayed in front of the dogs so that they don't follow them. That's how she was attacked.
And thanks to this attack , her life didn't remain as boring as it has been.


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14.08.2022, 15:03:44

One of the lovely story author ❤️
Loved it ❤️
Just loved Rita and kano charecters... The scene when she is locked in the car is just hilarious ?..
Take care and give us more books author ❤️

Payal Mandal guru
13.06.2021, 19:49:48

The storyline is interesting and the mafia involvement isn't like the common ones. I like the bonding between Rita and Lily and Kano is an interesting character as well. I liked the fact that you have got some good knowledge about medicines and that was clear in that part. So all over the story seems intriguing and it tends to have a great plot.

But the readability of the book is one thing that troubled me a bit, maybe because I am not used to this style of writing. All over, it's a good book. Keep Writing.
All the best :)

Payal Mandal guru
14.06.2021, 08:40:45

Sara . H, It's okay and You're welcome :) and sure do check it ;)

G A Rosell
05.04.2021, 13:10:14

Hello, I love your story. I have added you to my list of authors to follow, can you do the same for me? So we can build a community of writers and we can follow each other in our literary career.
I read your story can you read mine as return? Thank U.
I hope to read more of your story.

Sara . H
08.04.2021, 20:15:32

G A Rosell, Hi, thank you! I'll be reading your story and saying my openion about it once i have some free time, already followed you :)

Ryo Francis
11.06.2020, 09:42:18

(1). Just finished reading — I liked the story and loved the dialogues between Rita and Kano. Their interactions are hilarious and cute (especially when u inserts their actions and sutff & those emojis).
(2). I love your sense of humor. This is one of the funniest story I read on booknet — though some are probably not intentional (sorry), but still I really enjoyed reading this.
(3). Your writing style — it's unique but it was so easy to read & understand. And i love the short chapters.
(4). Your English definitely needs improvement, but u can only get better if u used it more often. So, continue writing, reading, watching and speaking.
Good job — I'm giving a LIKE on your work. Thanks.

Ryo Francis
14.07.2020, 05:16:27

Sara . H, i also write like that :)
i'm a newbie writer, but from the philippines.
i followed u — hope u can follow me back.

04.02.2020, 13:24:55


Sara . H
05.02.2020, 16:05:55

Thank you!

Marwa Zaibi
03.11.2019, 14:27:58

I love the plot and the characters! i felt like i'm a part of it or at least i could see and feel every scene, seriously i hope i can watch it someday it'd be lovely! waiting for the next chapter.

Sara . H
03.11.2019, 19:07:13

Thank you so much!! i hope so as well xD the next chapter will be updated soon ^^

03.11.2019, 14:24:02

Love it. Can't wait for next chapter. I hate to be stuck on cliffhanger lol
Keep writing and all the best ?

Sara . H
03.11.2019, 19:06:24

Thank you, the next chapter will be updated soon! ^^

Vijay Kerji
02.11.2019, 14:28:49

You asked for a feedback at the end of chapter 5. All the characters are well developed and I started rooting for them. New information about Kano is welcome and Clary explained the backstory very well. I like the reaming characters also - Rita, Lilly, Hala, and the doctor. You did well in telling this story.

Sara . H
02.11.2019, 21:49:18

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback! em happy you like it, there is also more informations about Rita, I hope you keep enjoying my work :)

Vijay Kerji
02.11.2019, 13:39:38

it's very interesting! I feel sympathetic towards Kano and Lilly

Sara . H
02.11.2019, 21:47:10

thank you so much for reading! me too xD

Goodness Shadrach
02.11.2019, 13:33:45

interesting, really.

Sara . H
02.11.2019, 21:46:36

Thank you so much!

27.10.2019, 22:20:43

looking forward on nxt chapter

Sara . H
28.10.2019, 13:00:43

Thank you so much for reading, it'll be out soon!

Hayfa Karaa
07.09.2019, 00:11:23

great job Sara , you're a real artist my dear

Sara . H
25.09.2019, 15:46:49

thank you ^^

Andy Rose
20.07.2019, 16:05:41

I recommend this story

Sara . H
20.07.2019, 18:45:44

Thank you so much!

20.07.2019, 01:09:49

Release the next chapter soon pls! I'm hooked on this story.

Sara . H
20.07.2019, 01:45:36

i will xD

17.07.2019, 23:07:52

Comment has been deleted

Bertha Francis
14.07.2019, 18:46:04

Definitely worth reading

Sara . H
14.07.2019, 21:28:33

Thank you

Roza Csergo
14.07.2019, 16:24:54

It gets more and more interesting.

Sara . H
14.07.2019, 16:31:53

Thank you! I hope you keep enjoying my work .

14.07.2019, 16:17:40

Well done, looking forward to next parts

Yoru Asuka
14.07.2019, 02:55:17

It was well written, I love ur writing style feels like Novel vibe

Sara . H
14.07.2019, 11:31:34

Thank you so much

Esraa Nuriko
13.07.2019, 20:03:32

The way you write is different and simple. I like it and I'm excited to know what will happen to Rita!

Sara . H
13.07.2019, 20:57:41

Esraa Nuriko, sure!

Roza Csergo
13.07.2019, 18:55:37

Is this a screenplay?

Sara . H
13.07.2019, 20:34:22

No, it's just my writing style since it makes it easier for me and for the reader in any age , to imagine the story and live it .

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