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Book. "Fickle Things - Outset" read online

Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

Series: Fickle Things

Story about:magic, gods, other worlds

102 10487

#306 in Action fantasy
#366 in Humor

Complete 97 pages

Publication: 27.11.2018 — 05.03.2019

Description of book "Fickle Things - Outset"

All aspire to be powerful- to have the ability to solve all challenges before you- and while most still admire the struggle of life, there's no denying the occasional thought to becoming God. Draga is hardly unique in that regard, but he is at least a little in his chance to do just that.

Finally, after years of effort, he and a select few have earned the right to challenge Tetral to a game. By Tet's decree, those who beat him are offered a wish- allowing them anything, which he will grant them to the best of his abilities. Draga's wish is simple... "I want to play the best game there is for the rest of my life."

Being all powerful, it's a cinch, and Draga is soon warped away into another reality. Unfortunately... It's not exactly the best game from his perspective.


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Celeste I.
11.09.2019, 10:39:17

Oh, I didn't realize at the end you'll remove this at a specific date. Guess this comment won't mean a thing, but I'll talk nonetheless.

This was an interesting read, with a neat premise to boot. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of RPGs, you blended the video game fantasy aspects seamlessly, as the elements are integrated and explained well. The exposition and world-building is just right too, and I imagine it'll improve as the stories progress.

While I do like how Draga strategizes on how to win his battles, and the Chekov's gun on him leaning new spells (which is spaced out evenly), the fight scenes go on too long, spending more time thinking during an action scene as the monsters around him wait for him to finish thinking.

The characters are surprisingly underdeveloped, and we don't know much about them, and their interactions are lacking in terms of depth, as everyone besides Draga seemed one dimensional.

I liked the idea of the world of demons Draga lived in, and the idea of taking down Tet and the other gods to achieve the ultimate wish (like the anime No Game No Life), but that didn't get explored that much. I don't know if it'll be brought up again in future books.

Celeste I.
11.09.2019, 10:58:45

Celeste I., [Continued]Wish we could've learned more about the world, but I guess this was more about Draga learning to cope with the situation he got himself into, and get used to his newly acquired skills.

The pacing is pretty inconsistent. It's usually focusing too much on either exposition on the new skills, or actions scenes, or strategizing on how to win the fight.

Draga does have the potential to be a fascinating anti-hero (I think he's one), but is he going to be moving from world to world now? Or will be able to get back to his world or at least try and take care of the other gods? I'm just curious is all.

This was an alright read though overall. So, I hope you're not discouraged by what I had to say, despite my opinions on this story seems to be mixed. Don't know if you'll continue this series or where it'll go if it did...

The Terakali
17.02.2019, 10:46:27

I feel like I should mention that I'm Draco Murdock, just to be clear. I don't want to use the lyrics to anyone else's songs (hence the use of instrumental songs or versions) and actually wrote a number myself for Excalibrrr and the original Fickle Things. No, they are not available to listen to- unfortunately- but that's why you can't find it.

The Terakali
17.01.2019, 18:39:33

Comment has been deleted

The Terakali
26.01.2019, 02:25:33

Comment has been deleted

Samantha Ainsley
15.01.2019, 15:04:50

too good

Lucy Roy
05.01.2019, 01:44:32

love it

Ann Swan
02.01.2019, 18:07:07

you know how to engage from the beginning

True Match
31.12.2018, 13:33:47

will you continue?

True Match
01.01.2019, 20:23:27

The Terakali, thanks

Helen Nice
30.12.2018, 15:17:11


Andrew Acton
26.12.2018, 13:26:57

you are very talented

Anna Morrigan
18.12.2018, 19:22:30

it notes a nice humor

Jessica Walker
12.12.2018, 13:38:24


Tim Lawson
05.12.2018, 15:06:52

goes well

Tim Lawson
03.12.2018, 12:59:49

I love fantasy god stories

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