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Forest God and the beast


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Description of book "Forest God and the beast"

A small village is awakened in the middle of the night by strange and frightening noises coming from the nearby forest.

This is one of my long lost stories, it has never been published before. Please let me know what you think of it. Note to the reader all names can be Google translated to hear how to pronounced them.
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S. N. Nina Arthur
16.03.2020, 06:06:08

love this book❣️❣️

S. N. Nina Arthur
16.03.2020, 10:34:45

Babs, You should be?❤

24.02.2020, 14:35:57

very intriguing:)

24.02.2020, 15:11:12

Izzy, Thanks that makes me very happy ^_^

25.09.2019, 10:08:33

Translation for the Character's names,
星龍 Xīng-long = Star Dragon.
百合 Bǎihé = Lily (雪百合 Xuě Bǎihé Snow Lily appears in 4 of my other stories on here, she is the daughter of Longwei = Dragon greatness)
春天 Chūntiān = Spring. (Mortal young man)
夏風 Xià fēng = Summer wind (Forest God)
無盡黑夜 Wújìn hēiyè = Endless night (Beast)
The Dreamers are 夜願 Yè yuàn = Nightwish (Also appears in The Emperor and the Demon, along side his mother 樂觀 Lèguān (Hopefulness/Optimism) and 如意 Rúyì = Wishful (Also appears in The mysterious towers and is often called Ancient Dreamer.)
星光 Xīngguāng = Starlight (Rúyì's Dragon)
黑法師 Hēi fǎshī = Black mage
夜雲雀 Yè yúnquè = Night skylark 風暴 Fēngbào = Storm (is the name of a sword)
級聯時間 Jí lián shíjiān = Cascade time (級聯 Jí lián = Cascade)
幸運 Xìngyùn = Fortune
静默 保護 Jìngmò bǎohù = Silent protection.
夜病房 Yè bìngfáng = Night ward.

27.09.2019, 01:46:28

Catsoline Grace, You're welcome ^_^

Celeste I.
24.09.2019, 05:29:48

Interesting story. I like how the dragons, gods, and humans are integrated into the world. The story is unpredictable and engaging. Shame it seems like it'll end anti-climatic and short, but I look forward to the eventual epilogue...

What bothers me, it's a nitpick, this has nothing to do with your story, it's just me, but I have a hard time keeping track of the characters and who is on what side and what race they are, I'm not good at remembering names that aren't English or easy to pronounce for me. And I don't know much about history, but it's interesting how some of the Gods operate in the world.

I don't know much about the villain, or his motives, but if he changed his ways just like that, at least he's a man of his word? Or not? Not sure...

I like how/where it's going so far though~

25.09.2019, 02:37:17

Celeste I., No you're feedback made me realise I need to add in the translation for the names more often than just once :)
That's kind of you to say, yeah I try to make the bad guys in my work more interesting giggle.
Bless you I do now more than ever, since I have been posting my work on here, and getting a novel published I have a lot more faith in my writing :D

24.09.2019, 12:22:38

someday, I hope you´ll use English names or translations :D

25.09.2019, 02:30:06

Giggi, I am afraid not when the story is set in China or Japan, there is translation. It is my fault I tend to only put it in once and not think to add it in every so often to help the reader remember the person's name in English. I am going to try and do this more :)
I am planning on bringing more of the Greek character stories on to here as their names are really easy to remember ^_^

Angel Lederhouse
22.09.2019, 16:38:29

awesome as always

23.09.2019, 19:53:01

Angel Lederhouse, Thank you so much ^_^

Roza Csergo
19.09.2019, 23:04:09

Such a lovely story.
I like the cover too.
In my library and waiting for updates.

20.09.2019, 01:25:59

Roza Csergo, Thanks for your comment. Yeah the cover is just awesome saved me trying to draw it when I am no good at drawing frighten looking people ^_^
Awesome I hope to continue it.

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