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Publication: 23.10.2020 — ...

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My name is Ava Carter. That's all I know. Because when I wake up in an alley, scarred, naked, and alone, that's the only thing I remember. All of my memories are foggy and jumbled, coming to me in fragments. The only thing I'm able to see is a memory of a man. Something tells me he’s important, that I need to find him. Because he has answers. Answers to why I have scars, to why I don’t remember anything, and why I have a sinking feeling my name is not Ava Carter.
When I get sent to an asylum, I find him there. I know he knows me, but he won’t give me answers. Because the answers I seek are too dangerous. When I do some digging, I begin to understand. The line between good and evil begins to blur. I have to figure out who I was and who I will be. Before it’s too late.

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