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Hands On Me

Trixie B

Story about:its a love story., billionaire obsession, billionaire mystery romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#110 in Romantic erotica
#252 in Billionaires

Complete 223 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — 23.06.2021

Description of book "Hands On Me "

Virtual world is an endless mystery. You will never able to know who is the real person behind the screen. But that is also true when love knocks on your door it can find you anywhere. Two strangers, from totally different worlds.
ROSETTE SAPHIRE, a girl with thousand of dreams in her eyes. Aspiring anesthesiologist, lives in her own world. Innocent, childish and totally different from normal girls.
Dr. Conard Alexan, billionaire, diamonds bussiness tycoon, a trauma surgeon, have an extreme playboy image but still empty from
Two opposite poles, two different lives, one aim TO FIND LOVE. But what will happen when they both met accidentally? Well if they can find each other on the other side of screen? What will happen when they meet? Passion, obsession, mystery and love.


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20.11.2021, 08:28:47

author this is beautiful story and pls try to update Arcane Eyes

Trixie B
04.01.2022, 09:02:58

Krih, I will try to update after some days... please wait for a while....

pats lynn
02.10.2021, 15:36:00

OHHHH DEAR ........this story is just fire...........amazing .........its detailed love from begining and other things........its wonderful ..........l love it soo soo soo sooo much ................and thanks for letting us read it by making it free ........its PERFECTION..................good luck on other book

Trixie B
02.10.2021, 18:01:59

pats lynn, thank you so much... happy reading:)

Jincy Skaria
12.07.2021, 21:37:53

Amazing book. Loved with your work ?.

Trixie B
13.07.2021, 15:34:57

Jincy Skaria, Thank you so much...

Nikhil Singh
12.07.2021, 18:24:16

Really loved your book so much

Trixie B
12.07.2021, 18:44:04

Nikhil Singh, Thank you soooo much

Josie joe
03.07.2021, 13:33:50

I'm happy for Rosette and Conrad. love this plot storyline. please continue writing more romantic, thrilling and excitement story. i will continue reading the sequel.

Trixie B
05.07.2021, 15:22:21

Josie joe, I am so happy that you give your sweet time to my novel.... Thank you dear... I will surely write more books...

Shikha Nagpal
24.06.2021, 15:20:17

Thankyou Authorvfor such a beautiful story. I completed it two days. story is realy Intresting with twists and turns.
waiting for more intresting stories.

Trixie B
25.06.2021, 11:04:05

Shikha Nagpal, it's author_trixie

Priya Basak
09.06.2021, 20:38:04

I'm happy to be the part of this book and by listening listening your words I can say that your friend is a gem... I loved your book it indeed showed your hard words and god I love your main characters so much and lots of love for your and your book... Hope you get more likes

Trixie B
17.06.2021, 15:38:58

Priya Basak, She is a gem..... By your true and honest words.. She felt so happy... I am so grateful that you read this story.... Thank you soo much for your kind words...

Priya Basak
09.06.2021, 20:28:01

Now I've 440 volt smile on my face... They look so beautiful with each other.. Their love is beautiful

Trixie B
17.06.2021, 15:37:56

Priya Basak, Indeed, they look so beautiful...

Priya Basak
09.06.2021, 13:33:28

My my this is good.. No no just awesome *blushing*

Trixie B
17.06.2021, 15:37:33

Priya Basak, I was also blushing while writing the story dear...

12.06.2021, 18:26:54

thanks for this beautiful peace of work God bless you

Trixie B
17.06.2021, 15:37:07

Jackie, Thank you soooo much dear...

Priya Basak
09.06.2021, 08:54:53

Aahhaaa!! Story started

Jennifer Zeigler
02.05.2021, 17:06:59

It’s a beautiful story!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Trixie B
02.05.2021, 17:16:13

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you soo much.... And thank you once again for the reward .....

01.05.2021, 14:13:38

Hey. Are you putting the book on subscription ?

Trixie B
01.05.2021, 18:05:04

Ratna Iyer, Actually i was checking the chapters and try to edit some mistakes.. That's why...

Hasnat Jahan
28.03.2021, 12:12:32

Really love this.

Trixie B
30.03.2021, 00:12:19

Hasnat Jahan, Thank you soooo much..

27.03.2021, 09:55:05

You know what I like dark stories but I love this god damm story .
It was a magical story its characters, its plot of story, its theme, and every thing in.
You have a creative mind.
Well all the best for your next all story.
Last but not least very nice amazing fabolous

Trixie B
30.03.2021, 00:12:08

Nisha, I am so happy that you changed your taste in reading... I am so glad that you love my work.. I hope to hear from you in future also.. Love your dear ...

Fourier Karen
23.03.2021, 00:15:36

Girl your story is good, but the name of the male character Conard make me feel a little bit uneasy it's mean asshole in French with two "n" or motherfucker. So I am laughing each time!!

Trixie B
23.03.2021, 03:50:51

Fourier Karen, Is it...? Lol.... Nobody told me about this earlier.... But I will always remember that... Thank you dear for telling me... (seriously so funny..)

Kajal Sunar
09.02.2021, 14:18:38

Finally, I have completed this gem. I will start with Rosette: I love how independent and intelligent she is, full of innocence. About Conard: I felt very refreshed by reading a male character who is not negatively dominating his girl. I mean, I don’t like those rude male characters who don’t treat their partners well. So, I enjoyed reading when Conard treated Rosette as his equal. I like how gracefully they managed the trials of their relationship. Yeah, I will miss them, and that’s why I have already added Crayton’s story in my library. I am sure I will get Conard and Rosette’s glimpse in his story occasionally. Admirable work, author.

Trixie B
09.02.2021, 19:40:54

Kajal Sunar, I appreciate your honest words... I am so happy that you understand the deepness of this love story... Yeah you are will surely get some cute glances of them... Thank you so much ❤️

Otika Johnson
09.02.2021, 15:26:12

love love love this book great story@Trixie B

Trixie B
09.02.2021, 19:35:40

Otika Johnson, Thank you so much dear ☺️❤️

Aarushi Jain
07.02.2021, 20:24:55

Amazing story.

Trixie B
08.02.2021, 06:28:13

Aarushi Jain, Thank you dear ❤️

Yasmin Lal
03.02.2021, 18:51:06

Awful language,use of tenses very short very poor translation???

Trixie B
07.02.2021, 06:03:56

Yasmin Lal, Yes I know... I will definitely give my best in future books... ☺️❤️

Syeda Noorah
06.02.2021, 14:58:54

Wowwww!!!!!!A Beautiful and lovely story......I loved it so much and their chemistry...woahhhh!!!!....I never lost interest in the book even for a second...I can't describe words author how much I love it...thanks author for such a lovely story....

Syeda Noorah
06.02.2021, 19:24:02

Trixie B, Ur welcome??

good job
well done

Trixie B
06.02.2021, 07:59:10

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thank you so much ☺️❤️


ok ok ok


after all you have heard you still believe her


that's good


what do you want to talk about it

Trixie B
05.02.2021, 19:54:20

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, I didn't get it.. What you want to say..?


what again??



hope you get solution fast ooo

wow!!!!! twins !!!!!

what a mess


who could that be

Trixie B
05.02.2021, 12:01:53

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, You should keep reading for that.. ☺️

05.02.2021, 11:46:18

wow ossum story

Trixie B
05.02.2021, 12:01:26

KAVITA JAIN, Thank you dear ❤️

for lecture of course


aaaaa what a trouble this time


I hope so too


good girl


why hiding when you know you love him


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