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He Is Not My Colour

Bright Wilfred

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Description of book "He Is Not My Colour"

Have you ever been in love with this hot handsome American dude, like his really hot, got all the swag and everything, infact people refer to him as the semi god and then you can't date this handsome, god-like dude. Why? Because his not your skin colour. know that hasn't ever happen to you but it has to me, the one guy I fell for is a white guy and now we can't date.


Read the book and follow up, the love story between a sexy, hot, handsome American guy and a troublesome, crazy, sweet Nigerian girl.

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Blessing Umeobene 28.11.2020, 12:08:18


Dezrene Gardner 27.11.2020, 16:27:01

things are going to get heated now

Dezrene Gardner 27.11.2020, 16:06:31

hahaha i love this girl

Dezrene Gardner 27.11.2020, 16:01:36

l just love how she spoke to Jake bitch of a mother or monster

Alessandra Miracle 24.11.2020, 13:38:00

well I don't like her attitude.....she is,so annoying

Dezrene Gardner 24.11.2020, 12:33:41

don't think bringing cute trouble to the party is going to be good it will be ugly trouble

Fatima Lukman 20.11.2020, 16:25:27

I can't wait to see what will happen

Fatima Lukman 20.11.2020, 16:24:52

next please

Favour Rachel Rani 19.11.2020, 18:00:22

that's it babe that's our delta babe my state

Dezrene Gardner 19.11.2020, 14:05:54

this is all Jake's fault

Pamela Hardeo 19.11.2020, 12:59:34

lovely chapters good cannot wait to read more chapters

Dezrene Gardner 19.11.2020, 03:00:55

serve you right i truly love this girl

Dezrene Gardner 19.11.2020, 02:46:23

I love her she has spunk

toria 18.11.2020, 14:13:15

i really don't like your book, because you copied a lot of stuff, you make it look like am watching "boys before flowers, of Korean movie. sorry I don't like it.

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Bright Wilfred 18.11.2020, 22:48:38

toria, I'm sure if you noticed, you will notice that the storyline has nothing to do with boys before flowers, just because the cake incident is just the same as boys before flowers doesn't mean the whole book is based on that film and please if you don't like my book, can you do me a favour and keep your comment to yourself, before you send away my readers.

Pamela Hardeo 18.11.2020, 11:23:13

interesting story

Alessandra Miracle 16.11.2020, 09:26:26

next please

Alessandra Miracle 16.11.2020, 09:25:43

lol boys before flowers is abae

Alessandra Miracle 16.11.2020, 09:12:17


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