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I Thirst For You

J.M. Felic

Story about:vampires, steamy, mansion

Age restriction: 18+

504 11143

#66 in Erotic Supernatural
#193 in Romantic mystery

Complete 293 pages

Publication: 05.10.2020 — 12.10.2020

Description of book "I Thirst For You"

Amanda, after witnessing a murder, was placed by the police department in the Witness Protection Program. It would have sounded good, yes, until she found out she was staying inside a mansion filled with vampires and owned by a vampire master with enigmatic eyes.

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wilkister Nyaboke
20.11.2020, 15:44:20

wow, such a nice book

Onyinye Madeleine obi
02.11.2020, 03:19:48

this book is underrated, I enjoyed every bit. waiting for the next book. will follow you now

Angela Bouchard
15.11.2020, 17:52:16

there has to be a second book to this the way it ended.

Angela Bouchard
11.11.2020, 20:37:00

what is amanda?

Angela Bouchard
11.11.2020, 20:30:20

what is with the necklace.

Angela Bouchard
05.11.2020, 17:23:04

him and her must be mates

Varshini Acharya
30.10.2020, 11:54:40

Vampires are always my favourite♡...great story☆☆
Waiting eagerly for the next book♤

Riechi Manen
28.10.2020, 14:58:01

interesting story between a vampire and a witch

J.M. Felic
30.10.2020, 08:32:00

Riechi Manen, Thank you Riechi. Enjoy reading the rest of the chapters. ^_^

Rupsa Roy
23.10.2020, 12:02:06

Wow ,the story is really nice.

J.M. Felic
30.10.2020, 08:31:50

Rupsa Roy, Thank you Rupsa. Enjoy reading the rest of the chapters. ^_^

Awogu Alexandra
21.10.2020, 01:26:07

Please I'm done reading the first phase...OMG I'm still fantasizing about it... please when will you post book 2?
Lol... I'm so happy reading your novel that I finished this one under one day (^^)

J.M. Felic
30.10.2020, 08:31:06

Awogu Alexandra, Hello sweety, thank you for reading book 1 of I Thirst for You. For now, Book 2 is available on Inkitt for reading. I will be posting book 2 here maybe in December or next year since I am still focusing on my other books to upload on Booknet. ^_^

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)
16.10.2020, 01:09:02

OMG! Just saw your book's here. I've read most of them on Inkitt and I fell in love with them all. Welcome to Booknet.

J.M. Felic
16.10.2020, 16:21:55

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel), Thank you Angela. ^_^ I'm trying out Booknet to see if it fits my needs. Enjoy reading and take care.

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