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Book. "Infatuated Desire" read online
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#285 in Contemporary Romance
#81 in Young adult

Ongoing: 22 Dec 0 pages

Publication: 27.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "Infatuated Desire"

With the support of the wall, she was trying to suppress her sobbing. Seeing her crying, Wadan came near her.

"After seeing all this, will u still be able to love me? You surely aren't. That's why I was telling u to change ur decision otherwise u won't have to see all this."

With his one finger, he wiped her tears. His eyes were fixed on her horrified turn yellow pale face.

"My love which has been in my heart for years can't be ended in a moment on seeing all this. And my decision will not change till my last breath."

In weeping, she went on sitting on the floor. She was on the trajectory of that love where there was no going back.

"If this is your final decision then fine. After that nikkah don't keep any kind of expectation from me."

On her stubbornness, he controlled his rage.


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Rida Shoukat
28.12.2022, 09:39:05

Comment has been deleted

Md Raza
25.12.2022, 13:16:41

you are doing great.....I am enjoying it

Mini Gopakumar
22.12.2022, 09:31:13

Please don't stop the story. It is amazing

22.12.2022, 08:42:00

Why are you stopping writing further.. It's an amazing story I just read it today. Please continue writing it

Savitha Saranathan
16.12.2022, 02:21:49

An update after a long time.. nice plot.. hope you are feeling better already.

Rida Shoukat
16.12.2022, 18:57:38

Savitha Saranathan, Yes I have been quite recovered. Thank you for feedback.

mmasinachi MMADUNEME
15.12.2022, 19:16:09

nice story

Rida Shoukat
16.12.2022, 18:56:28

mmasinachi MMADUNEME, Thank you dear.

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