Book. "Kingdom of the Wyldes (all the Hounds of Hell, Book 3)" read online

Kingdom of the Wyldes (all the Hounds of Hell, Book 3)

Lyv Aiken

Series: All the Hounds of Hell

Story about:werewolf, alpha, sexyromance

Age restriction: 18+

70 1411

#275 in Paranormal Romance
#51 in Urban fantasy

On Hold: 23 Jul 150 pages

Publication: 05.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Kingdom of the Wyldes (all the Hounds of Hell, Book 3)"

The world of werewolves has changed forever--the balance askew--and something is stirring, something that has not stirred in a very, very, very long time. The Devons are facing everything head on. Alliances are put to the test, and new players are in town. Nadine is afraid to be taken away and decided not to wait for a mate, but things might not go her way. David has to sell what is more important to him, and past trauma and circumstance might take him away from a chance at happiness if he's not careful. Kaden has new battles ahead of him. Elaeya can barely predict the hardship ahead. And everyone is scrabbling for cover. A new kingdom is coming, but who knows what it will leave behind.


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Ioana Potra
25.06.2022, 12:00:31

Book 3 is not finished. But I see book 4 already has chapters

The story if amazing... really good. I got hooked immediatly.

I would love to read the full book, will it be finished?

Aileen Gilchrist
27.04.2022, 19:43:18

I love your series. Please don't give up and please fi ish this book!!!!

Lyv Aiken
05.06.2021, 03:03:24

For all those who have kept going with this series and still want more, thank you. I love you. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Ginnie S Chua
14.02.2022, 12:19:49

Lyv Aiken, Book 1 and 2 are good. Book 3 needs more focus and a clearer storyline.

speed racer
26.01.2022, 17:17:16

Sooo when do we get more i adoee these books

cisca dion
09.11.2021, 20:47:58

I'm seriously addicted to your series as I couldn't put my phone down all weekend until I was done and now, I feel useless not knowing what happens next..
please, please, please, do update us as the suspense is killing!!!!!?
love both writer and series are the best!!!!!!

Purple turtle
29.09.2021, 21:05:18

This story I so good, I really hope you’ll get back to this, I am excited to find out what will happen next ❤️

Robin Jaradal
15.06.2021, 15:54:46

Thank you Lyv Aiken for the new book! I looove it!

Lyv Aiken
17.06.2021, 08:31:00

Robin Jaradal, Yay! This makes me happy. Thanks.

The Goddess tells you
06.06.2021, 13:26:47

haaa finally my favourite series have been updated. ...:)
thanks author....:-)

Lyv Aiken
06.06.2021, 21:20:22

A Durgaprashanti, You warm my heart with fluffiness. I love it!!!