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Publication: 13.10.2020 — 20.10.2020

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Description of book "Mr Billionaire wants me"

she's a fiesty, beautiful 23yr old Nigerian, who has been through a lot but finally wanted peace

He's an arrogant, handsome billionaire who has everything he could ever want but no one to share it with.

what happens when this two meet in the most unexpected way.
will she accept this arrogant man who could have anything or will they change their lives together.

Read this story of love, exfling, and trust

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barkha panjwani 22.10.2020, 21:03:28

yr no is nt showing on what's app how should I contact u pl reply

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barkha panjwani 24.10.2020, 07:31:58

Oluwatoyosi, this no is nt showing in whats app how should I contact u pl help

Megha Singh 23.10.2020, 20:54:59

Ooooo! I am in love with this... Especially your write up. KUDOS that you have completed this story in very short span of time...appreciable. ❤️

Adewunmi Fakorede 23.10.2020, 00:32:52

my favorite character in this novel is Ethan, for falling in love with a black lady and her culture is superb.As a Nigerian that love to read from booknet, how do we pay for some books that needed to be paid for? thanks.

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Oluwatoyosi 23.10.2020, 19:46:29

Adewunmi Fakorede, Thank you so much for your comment. Be sure that I do not take it for granted. As for your question, I'm not sure but I can contact someone and get back to you, how does that sound?

Adewunmi Fakorede 23.10.2020, 00:20:00

I would have loved her to have twins

Adewunmi Fakorede 23.10.2020, 00:11:21

my favorite meal is Amala and ewedu,pelu obe gbegiri.

Adewunmi Fakorede 23.10.2020, 00:03:34

my favorite place in the world is Paris

Adewunmi Fakorede 22.10.2020, 23:59:53

, hmmmmmm, at last

Adewunmi Fakorede 22.10.2020, 23:53:20

I am happy for both of them

Adewunmi Fakorede 22.10.2020, 23:42:47

Awwwwwww,so romantic (Ori mi wu) I was so moved

Adewunmi Fakorede 22.10.2020, 23:13:47

Thanks for this beautiful novel,I love how the story is very relatable.kudos.

Riechi Manen 22.10.2020, 15:56:04

Ethan's my favorite character

Riechi Manen 22.10.2020, 15:55:42

beautiful all good things always have a wonderful ending thank you author

Katherine Dass 21.10.2020, 09:50:07

Very nice story.

Dezrene Gardner 20.10.2020, 15:16:07

you are such a foolish man ethan

Dezrene Gardner 19.10.2020, 23:04:33

good so far

Annie Flores 19.10.2020, 13:22:01

oh my gosh I love your story, thank you so much for sharing it.

Pranjal Patel 18.10.2020, 18:54:07

Love it !

Pranjal Patel 18.10.2020, 18:36:27

nice chapter

Pranjal Patel 18.10.2020, 17:39:10

Love it

Pranjal Patel 17.10.2020, 18:43:45

nice chapter

Pranjal Patel 17.10.2020, 11:22:04

nice chapter

Pranjal Patel 17.10.2020, 09:52:21

Nice chapter

Pranjal Patel 16.10.2020, 20:52:37

nice chapter

Alupo Rebecca 14.10.2020, 18:12:44

Comment has been deleted

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