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My Angel In The Broken Armor


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Description of book "My Angel In The Broken Armor"

I wanted to know what would this painter think when he/she paints. I wondered how could painting tell you the story. When people go crazy about paintings and say the paintings tell you the story, I laughed at them.
I laughed at them until I saw a painting. A painting of a girl in her bridal gown. The bridal gown was ripped all over the places and it was barely hanging on her body. She held the ripped gown in one hand and running out of the church crying. Even the small drop of tears defined to the perfection. The display of broken and weak girl in her ripped bridal dress told me the story of her pain, the story of her shattered dreams, the story of broken promises. the story that only she knows. The painting is titled "Broken dreams".
I fell in love with the artist by looking at the art.
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