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Book. "My Devil Ex-husband" read online

My Devil Ex-husband

Glam Doll

Story about:toxic relationship, ex husband, forced marriage and obsession

Age restriction: 18+

106 1302

#214 in Billionaires
#125 in Romantic erotica

Ongoing: 14 Mar 20 pages

Publication: 29.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "My Devil Ex-husband"

"I Diana Thompson, a single divorced woman struggling in my life to make money for myself. Having two part time jobs to make ends exhausts me to sickness but still I will never give up. I refuse to acknowledge my weaknesses. All of this happened because he, Jacob Frost ruined me. And now I am in his debt."

They were once happy in their life but it didn't last. Diana parted ways with her husband when she found herself dancing within his fingers. Controlled by Jacob was equally pleasing and destructive. All hell breaks loose when she found out he was playing her and always cheated on her.

What happens when the two meets again? Will Jacob force his way again into her life? Will Diana give in and fall for his ways again?



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Anie Styles
17.02.2023, 15:19:22

I must say I am intrigued :)) the story in just five chapters feels so good so I must read further as well. Dearest author please update the book :)

Sana Naqvi
11.10.2022, 14:48:28


Glam Doll
08.10.2022, 21:33:31

So sorry for the delay dear readers. From now on I'll be active and give frequently updates.

apurva rohini
03.08.2022, 21:57:03


Arundhati Sengupta
03.08.2022, 19:52:01

Like ur story and also it seems Jacob cares for her and has kept an eye on her.

Loveth Agbake
31.07.2022, 00:21:05

nice story author more update thanks

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