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Book. "My Love Furr You" read online

My Love Furr You


Story about:wolf, love, friendship

Age restriction: 18+

3 7

#54 in Epic fantasy
#808 in Fantasy

On Hold: 26 Nov 7 pages

Publication: 17.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "My Love Furr You"

Cry of a new born baby far away from the city in a cold winter night, howling of a celebration and feast of a new beginning. Adalwolf or to be called as Noble wolf, rejoices for a new member of their pack.
“Today, we have witnessed the first born in our race that has a blood of a human. The prophecy is true! This baby will be the guardian of our race and the bridge to unite the world of humanity and werewolves.” Alpha the king of their clan announces.
“awooooooooo” howl of large crowd of white werewolves.
“Toast for the guardian of Adalwolfs! Samara Eve Adalwolf”
They are about to raise their glasses when suddenly a loud growl stopped them.
“Gorg wolf is here!” one of the members in Adalwolf shouted.


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