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Book. "My terribble stepbrother" read online

My terribble stepbrother

Julia Romush

Story about:from hate to love, difficult relationship, bad boy and good girl

321 18380

#4 in New Adult & College
#28 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 229 pages

Publication: 29.11.2022 — 20.01.2023

Description of book "My terribble stepbrother"

"Get out of my bedroom!". The stepbrother is not thinking of leaving.
"There is nothing in this house that belongs to you or your mother, I advise you to remember that!". He does not hide his contempt for me.
"Our parents are married..."
"I will fix it soon", instead of a smile on his lips now a predatory grin. He no longer intends to keep our secret.
"Do not do it..."
"It will cost you dearly..."
"What do you want for silence?"
"Soon you will find out", his smile makes me feel cold. Nothing good is waiting for me.


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Ela baby
21.01.2023, 20:27:26

omg!!!! when you publishing the second part? I need to know what happens next

Julia Romush
22.01.2023, 11:26:01

Ela baby, The second part is already on the website) Name - "His obsession"

Ann Whitehurst
28.12.2022, 15:58:44

That is the way to handle a brat like her. I Inga has it coming to her for screwing around on Nick and with someone else's boyfriend. Karma is coming back to her

Marjory Bloom
29.11.2022, 15:01:46

succes! just added it

29.11.2022, 14:59:22

congrats on your 20 book here! wish you all the best!

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