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One in a billion

Beryl Chemtai

Story about:billionare, steamy romance, past life

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#2203 in Billionaires
#864 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 01 Dec 32 pages

Publication: 23.08.2020 — ...

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Description of book "One in a billion"

Gail Harper is a workaholic on vacation in Miami where she meets the Derek Lial, a mysterious, intriguing man who seems to appear everywhere she is. When she goes back to her life in New York, will her life go back to normal? Will she be able to suppress her feelings for Derek and move on? Or will she encounter something bigger than she could ever imagine.....


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Ayushi Gupta
19.09.2020, 07:29:30

update more ...very slow update please update more !

Beryl Chemtai
20.09.2020, 18:25:33

Ayushi Gupta, I'm trying to but I have a lot of school work

Ayushi Gupta
28.08.2020, 23:03:55

update plz ❤️

Beryl Chemtai
12.09.2020, 07:53:19

Ayushi Gupta, I'll try my best

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