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Book. "One Life Stand" read online

One Life Stand

Christina Maharaj

Story about:contract marriage, boss and employee, one night stand billionaire

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#16 in Billionaires
#12 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 28 Mar 193 pages

Publication: 24.01.2023 — ...

Description of book "One Life Stand"

Ella Luise is a concierge at a hotel alongside her three best friends. Everything is great until her boyfriend proposes to her and she runs away. Four times she's had her boyfriends propose to her, and not once could she make it down the aisle.

Each time it seems worse. The urge to get away. This time, she runs into the arms of another man after getting drunk, and wakes up in a hotel bed with an engagement ring stuck to her finger.

Ella transfers to a new hotel as a promotion, and who does she run into? The man she slept with, and he's her new boss. Leon Hunt. He owns the hotel resort and to get his inheritance and keep the family business going, he had to choose the only woman he'd ever be with. And that's her.

What secrets does Leon have? Will Ella finally make it down the aisle?


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18.02.2023, 07:06:33

This story gives so damn good vibes .... unlike to all other dark romance story which makes me sad all day long. thanks dear but please reply will it be paid one.

Christina Maharaj
19.02.2023, 02:29:14

Somya, Yes, I'm hoping to put it into bookscription sometime soon.

Beatrice Andress
17.02.2023, 18:23:15

really good story line. I love it

16.02.2023, 06:28:21

this girl surely have some bad past. will this book be paid one dear

Safeena Safiya
14.02.2023, 21:38:59


Chukwunwekene Obi
14.02.2023, 16:43:06

really good

Lynn Austria
14.02.2023, 11:11:12

Just started reading the book and I love it already, thank you and take care ???

14.02.2023, 07:46:05

too good

Chukwunwekene Obi
11.02.2023, 19:04:20

This story is very intriguing....pls update

11.02.2023, 06:40:54

I truly enjoyed this story . different than others contract marriage where groom have contract for escape but here he wants to tied for life long . may I know Is it short story too or a longer one.

Christina Maharaj
11.02.2023, 07:17:14

Somya, It's going to be a longer story.

Marta Cruz
10.02.2023, 12:36:28

Waiting for today's update

Christina Maharaj
11.02.2023, 04:01:13

Marta Cruz, Updated! Hope you enjoy~

Chukwunwekene Obi
08.02.2023, 01:53:54

very interesting...thank you, author...

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