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Book. "R-Rated (+18) One Short Love Story" read online

R-Rated (+18) One Short Love Story


Story about:short stories, love betrayal cheating frenemies revenge, erotic love passion

Age restriction: 18+

902 37059

#189 in Romantic erotica
#25 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy

Complete 74 pages

Publication: 25.11.2020 — 22.02.2021

Description of book "R-Rated (+18) One Short Love Story"

R-rated (+18) one short love story

Is a one short love story based on the difference between the two lovers... It's all about destiny bring two souls together, overcoming difficulties, problems and challenges, that with be thrown in their path.

These stories have a mature scene, so only recommended only for +18 to read. Some of the parts may be too offensive to read.

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