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Royal Arcanum (book 1 of The Arcanum Revelation)

Keefe RD

Series: The Arcanum Revelation

Story about:royal family, secret society, gothic supernatural

54 1281

#292 in Dark fantasy
#471 in Young adult

Sample 38 pages

Publication: 01.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Royal Arcanum (book 1 of The Arcanum Revelation)"

18-year-old Cathy Charlotte somehow has a soul connection to the ancient Vesperian legend. Not that she knows, until Sylvia Elle, an angel in disguised came to reveal the secret, that Cathy is born from the mother who inherits an Italian royal bloodline.

One day, Cathy is astonished to know that her mom is part of the frightening secret fraternity. Her mom doesn't want her to get involved. But the more Cathy is being pushed away, the more she demands the truth.

The fraternity is seeking mysterious knowledge from the Vesperian legend. Whoever possesses it can empower the world. And they deeply believe in the old prophecy; "the one inherits the soul, the one holds the knowledge."

Once the mystery reveals, Cathy must save herself and her family from the wicked chaos.


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Alondra Torres
17.05.2021, 02:05:06

so mesmerising the plot!
I wonder what will happen...

Keefe RD
17.05.2021, 05:56:16

Alondra Torres, thank you for reading, enjoy the journey :) x

Dariel Claire
03.05.2021, 16:59:51

Love the title, so catchy!

Keefe RD
04.05.2021, 14:41:28

Dariel Claire, Aw, thank you, Dear! Enjoy!

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