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Snow White’s Black Revenge

Carmella L

Story about:this story about love and revenge, broken promises and friendships, betrayal

Age restriction: 18+

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#2349 in Billionaires
#1007 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 29 Sep 6 pages

Publication: 29.09.2020 — ...

Description of book " Snow White’s Black Revenge"

Elle Every Adams Meritt is a woman of dignity; she is a secret heiress to a chain of five-star hotels, a world-renowned resort, and a magnificent manor. She was not yet ready to handle their billion-dollar businesses so she asked her dad to let her live on her own, away from home and her loving family. She wants to stay away from her very own empire.
As she was building a parallel universe, she experienced a sense of freedom¬-but it was short-lived. For, as hard as she tried to make her newfound life be in mirth she never felt fulfilled because in her voyage towards freedom she encountered cruel seas and a lot of painful downfalls. Yet, her downfalls were the reason why she found her own knight whom she can call her own.


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