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So-Called Suicides


Series: So-Called

Story about:death, thriller, suspence

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Publication: 31.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "So-Called Suicides"

It's been three years since Hannah's mom's death, Carolina's dad's arrest and basically everything. The whole gang's at WCU college now. They kinda decided life was partying, studying, football and sneaking into places sometimes. And they were right, untill a common frenemy died. The police report said- 'Cause of death: suicide'.

They doesn't know what scares them more, that perhaps Hannah was right, death follows her around, or maybe there's more to it than that and they will be suspected of murder. Will they hide the truth if they know about it? Or will Care shout it from the rooftops to let the whole world know their secrets.

So-Called Sucides, book 2 of the So-Called Series. Keep reading ^_^

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KatherinePetrova 08.10.2020, 20:46:59

New chapter update ^_^ cool,sis

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KatherinePetrova 17.10.2020, 20:19:10

Luna, It's ok sis. No problem : )

Nia Brown 31.07.2020, 18:49:35

Wow, I'm literally dying to know what's gonna happen next!!!

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Nia Brown, (♥ω♥*) Thanks luv

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