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Book. "Stalker" read online


Marjory Bloom

Story about:stalking, sexual fantasy and desires, inoncent girl

Age restriction: 18+

163 6203

#100 in Suspense
#72 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy

Complete 151 pages

Publication: 25.09.2022 — 29.11.2022

Description of book "Stalker"

I feel like someone is watching me....

For days now i have that feeling and it is not going away....until that one morning at the traffic light i have the feeling again but while i cross the road when it is green for the pedestrians a car comes without breaking but before the car hits me i am being pulled away!.....

When i look up to thank the stranger who saved me i stare into a pair of deep dark blue eyes!....and suddenly that creepy feeling of someone watching me emerges to the surface again but this time, really strong as i keep gazing into those hypnotic dark blue orbs!....i know them!.....

What will happen when Rachel finds out she has not 1 but 2 stalkers!! And one of them proofs to be lethal!! And stops at nothing to get what he wants....and that's HER!!


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Francelia Caesar
29.10.2022, 18:56:56

good chapter seam like things are turning out good for them

Marjory Bloom
29.10.2022, 19:20:46

Francelia Caesar, for Drake and Rachel you mean?
yeah.....FOR NOW!!
stay tuned!! and tnz for reading, commenting and liking
feel also free to follow for more stories ;)

Laila Naseem
25.10.2022, 07:38:05

Hope allz Gr8
R Rachelz Parentz even her True & Real parentz Y on Her would Rachel be Injected with Poison

Marjory Bloom
25.10.2022, 08:32:03

Laila Naseem, sorry dear i don't understand your sentence...

Francelia Caesar
25.10.2022, 02:06:14

we that was something good chapter he sure would have gone crazy or gone another her parents if she didn't come back to him

Marjory Bloom
25.10.2022, 08:30:55

Francelia Caesar, yeah thank God they survived!! I'm happy for them too!! but the storm isn't over yet!
more bumps in the road a head in future.....

Francelia Caesar
23.10.2022, 23:11:02

good chapter hope she don't die because it will be her parents fault and Drake will want revenge for his woman and his unborn child

Marjory Bloom
23.10.2022, 23:23:19

Francelia Caesar, sure he will!! well let's see! tomorrow i will upload the next new chapter!
sos stay tuned!! and thank you reading:)

Glincy Varghese
19.10.2022, 11:02:44

so lovely. I really love him.

Marjory Bloom
19.10.2022, 11:35:03

Glincy Varghese, well thank you! I love him too!! he means no harm

Prathika Shalom
18.10.2022, 15:31:42

Is this book on going to continue the chapters?

Marjory Bloom
18.10.2022, 16:58:23

Prathika Shalom, yes book is not finished yet;)

17.10.2022, 08:00:31

Is it drake doing this

Marjory Bloom
17.10.2022, 09:22:19

Hoorain, Just follow along! And you'll see

06.10.2022, 18:48:38

author will u update ???

Marjory Bloom
06.10.2022, 21:09:09

kimtaejoe, I'm a but busy at the moment and I'm planning to finish the asylum patient first this week so i hope to come with updates before monday

muhammad dawood
26.09.2022, 20:48:33

Why u stopped author?!!!!

Marjory Bloom
26.09.2022, 20:54:27

muhammad dawood, ive stopped dear ive not even started yet!
i just uploaded proloques so everybody knows whats coming thats how i do my books

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