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Book. "Surrender" read online
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#128 in Paranormal Romance
#200 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 02 Jan 106 pages

Publication: 09.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Surrender"

"Don't you feel the urge to get laid?" he encouraged me.

"Oh, doctor. When you touch me like that..." I felt weird when he touched me.

"Do you know incubus can bring the dead to life?" he whispered in my ear which made me widen my eyes.


"Do you want me to bring back your wolf side?" he got my jaw dropped.
This is a story of a granddaughter from the Trinity. She was a billionaire and a vampire princess. He was an incubus in disguise as a molecular scientist who helped her to create the synthetic blood for the vampires to be able to live side by side with the human. Will she be able to resist falling for her handsome colleague? Or she'll reveal more secrets after their one-night stand?


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