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Book. "Tango with the Vampire " read online
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#94 in Supernaturals
#120 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 31 Oct 86 pages

Publication: 01.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Tango with the Vampire "

She had dreamed this dream so often, but now in his arms she was not dreaming at all.

" We can't." These cold words fell on her mind like a cold shower.

" Let me go." Goosebumps on her body were replaced by a feeling of terrible coldness of his hands.

" Not. "He pressed her frozen body to him.

" Why can't we? I want…"

A fiery light shone in the darkness. She stood in a full carnival hall. Among hundreds of unfamiliar faces, she is all alone.

" Where are you?"

" I'm here, find me."

Will she become a vampire for him? Can she melt a heart that has never known love? What will this love bring her?

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Viola Wolf
05.10.2022, 19:54:17


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