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Book. "The Archer’s Apprentice" read online

The Archer’s Apprentice

Tony Spencer

Series: The Archer

Story about:an act of chivalry, damsel in distress, royal intrigue

25 1080

#89 in Historical Romance
#51 in Action thriller

Complete 172 pages

Publication: 29.07.2022 — 05.09.2022

Description of book "The Archer’s Apprentice"

It is twelve months on from Welsh bowman Will Archer’s reuniting with his wife, the fair Lady Alwen, of the Manor of Oaklea. By appointment of King Henry himself, Sir William Archer is Shire Reeve of Bartonshire. Though Lady Alwen is swollen with child, Will accompanies his son Robin to an archery tournament, but then he is summoned to return to his castle to help contain the plague which has stricken the town.
Son Robin, his young friend Hugh and Henry, trusted man-at-arms, continue to the remaining archery tournaments.
However, Robin jumps to a conclusion in aid of a damsel in distress, Lady Elinor of Pitstone and, in a act of obligation to the Chivalric Code, escorts the Lady to Bruges and then onto Normandy itself, as he becomes embroiled in a plot to seize the English Crown.


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