Book. "The Champion is Playing: Hero Go!" read online

The Champion is Playing: Hero Go!

Anton Emelianov and Sergei Savinov

Series: Champion Is Playing

Story about:gamelit, pockemons, humour

2 2460

#31 in LitRPG
#115 in Urban fantasy

Sample 58 pages

Publication: 17.06.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Champion is Playing: Hero Go!"

The world has been saved; life is beautiful and everyone loves and appreciates the hero, even though they put him in some godforsaken place. To keep him safe, or so they say... But it's too boring there! Only at first glance, however, because entertainment can be found anywhere and the street phase of the world tournament, Battle of the Champions, is just the right thing to pass the time, especially if some divine gifts are taken into consideration, which, regardless of his unique strategic and tactical talent, seriously complicate his life.

This is a new challenge for an ordinary guy from the year 2010 who has found himself in the world of the future... Will he still be the champion?


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Michael Knight
19.06.2019, 10:55:06

don't say that you won't publish it complete here

Douglass Millsap
18.06.2019, 13:31:02

really cool

A. S. Deller
17.06.2019, 18:37:27

So fun! Brings back so many gaming memories too, lol.

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